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B & G Honey
The Honey Bears

Once upon a time there were 4 bears who lived deep in the woods near the Ogeechee river. There was Grandpa Bear, Poppa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear. Along the banks of this great river, where Baby Bear played, there were many hives of bees put there by Mr. Bobby Colson of B & G Honey Farm. Mr. Bobby would often come and take honey from the bees and sell it at Statesboro Farmers Market and Savannah Farmers Market.

When Mr. Bobby would come, Baby Bear would watch from the trees and smell the sweet aroma of honey as it floated through the air. Baby Bear could almost taste the honey. After Mr. Bobby would leave, Baby Bear would lift off the top of a hive and reach in and take a big handful of honey and put it in his mouth. Oh! How sweet is was! Baby Bear would close his eyes and eat some more.

It was not long before Poppa Bear would take Momma Bear to the hospital and they came back with Tiny Tot Bear. Tiny Tot Bear would cry and cry and it seemed that nothing would stop Tiny Tot Bear from crying. Baby Bear thought and thought, and could not think of anything to help, when all at once he heard Mr. Bobby coming to get more honey. Baby Bear ran through the forest and watched Mr. Bobby remove the honey and drive away. Baby Bear ran to a bee hive and removed some honey. Then he ran back to Tiny Tot Bear as fast as he could. When Baby Bear got home with the honey, Momma Bear put the honey in Tiny Tot Bears' bottle. It grew quiet as Tiny Tot Bear stopped crying right away.

And that is how the Four Bears became Five Bears and became REAL HONEY BEARS!